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What We Are Doing


We have informative and engaging meetings once a month from September through May. We invite speakers to the majority of our meetings to educate us on veteran issues, the American Legion programs, well-being, etc. We will be meeting at 1500 Galbraith Ave. at the City Building down the end of the hall at the DAV room. We are trying to get an agreement to share the Post 37 room at the beginning of the hall, with the help of the DAV Commander. Our activities will increase greatly with a place to call our own. And in December we hold our fun-filled Holiday Party. This meeting is where we see many of our member's family members and supporters. We have a great time participating in the activities (of your choice): White Elephant Gift Exchange, Push-Up Contest, caroling, and other surprise activities!


We participate in a variety of activities that benefit our community of veterans. Here are examples of some of our work: members participate at the annual veteran holiday gift basket distribution event and the veteran game night at the Cincinnati V.A., gather and donate hygiene products, clothing and magazines for the Joseph and Fisher Houses, speak at schools and organizations, have hours of conversation with veterans who we meet everyday regarding their welfare and benefits as a veteran.


We are often asked to participate in parades around the city. In recent years, we have enjoyed participating at the Northside Parade, Hamilton County Veteran's Day Parade and the Blue Ash Memorial Day Parade. We have a beautiful banner, a new Color Guard, great cadence callers and a whole lot of fun.

When the post recesses during June, July and August we put together a variety of events. This past summer, we went to a Red's Baseball Game, Camping at Paint Creek and Ride the Ducks on Newport on the Levy. Other events in the past have been, BB Riverboat Cruise, Member & Family Dinners, trips to museums to name a few.


Our post fundraises by going out to the community. We have had success collecting donations by setting up a booth in local grocery stores. It's a enjoyable time with not an exhausting amount of effort and resources. We're always looking for an extra hand or two to help set up, break down and hand out flags to the customers. They are very gracious and fascinated that our post exists and that we served our country. We meet new members there and educate our community about our mission.